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Instructions for Control Magic

Sunday (24-09-2017)

(Papers left in a hidden location in the city of Lavine)   I’m writing these down because the knowledge needs to last. Now that you have it, one choice you’ll make is

Character Interview with Angie Dennard (THE HIGH ROAD)

Sunday (06-11-2016)

To celebrate the release of The High Road next week, here’s a character interview with its heroine. For its companion piece (also set around Chapter 4), see the

Flying Magic and More in The High Road

Saturday (03-09-2016)

Sometimes life hands us a moment so odd, all we can do is run with it—pun intended, for this one. Because once I actually heard someone across the room say that as superpowers go, “what’s the use in only being able to fly halfway?” A


Enhanced Senses in Shadowed

Saturday (16-01-2016)

The ability that has changed Paul Schuman’s life is easily described—he sums it up as: What we have is the power to increase our five senses by connecting them to whatever we focus our attention on. That’s all it is.

The High Road

Character Interview with Mark Petrie (THE HIGH ROAD)

Monday (07-09-2015)

(Mark Petrie settles into his chair, moving slowly and tiredly for someone nineteen years old. Then he turns on a friendly smile that pushes the fatigue away from his face.) Mark: Right off, I’m not sure I can help you


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