He can hear a whisper a block away… and can’t remember why.

Open your mind, to a city where mystery chases up and down office back stairways, turns brother against brother, and plays out on frozen sidewalks where lives may be shattered if the enemy even looks at the ragged man passing by in the crowd—and even that man cannot guess what memory will be next to batter his mind.

Paul was no detective, no thief, only a student trying to get some distance from his father and brother. When he found himself marked by the power to enhance his senses, he had only that treacherous gift and what few tricks he dared to teach himself, to search for some explanation—or at least the chance to give it meaning by exposing a few petty corruptions.

Paul thought if he lived in poverty to keep his existence secret from the world, at least nobody could force him to use that gift as a weapon against others. But just when he thought he was untouchable, the last thing he expected shakes his world and drags him into the perils of his family, his power, and two women who each have a different claim on his life.

As Paul begins to play cat and mouse with enemies he can’t even name, he must break every rule that’s kept him alive, in every frantic chase and every gamble he makes to break his family free. And all the while, he knows his greatest enemy may still be what lies behind his own secrets.

If you think you know everything a paranormal thriller can do, take a closer look.


Too loud, too many voices inside talking and jostling to be heard, battering at his Opened hearing… Paul flinched back, couldn’t keep himself from a gasp, and that thundered in his senses too.

But it’s in there, somewhere.

And he couldn’t start hesitating, outside the grand old house in the twilight. Instead, he refocused his power on its second story, finding the half-sheltered region that lay one ceiling above the party. He stepped forward as he did, his feet awkward with most of his will reaching forward. But the echoing in the air ahead, a few footsteps and so many sounds spilling upward through the floorboards, all shifting and mingling and drumming within the rooms and inside his mind…

He broke off the connection and felt the air’s chill seeping into his face. The cold felt too deep, as if he’d been standing there for whole minutes instead of mere moments.


Readers have said


It’s one of those stories that reflects an inner conflict within and how the characters actions, reactions and perceptions unfold throughout the novel.Often your worst enemy, yet still pursuing and attempting to prove the source of his powers, the character experiences mis-understandings, false leads, betrayal, corruption which tears at his heart strings and human emotions.

By using heightened perception this book is a cliff hanger, suspense, mystery and thriller all rolled into one. Edge of the seat as Shadowed unfolds into a catalyst of understanding, knowing and the final realization that the power within would still have to remain a secret.

–BLUE FISH (Amazon)


Shadowed is a compelling book that keeps you reading with its multiple twists and turns.
The reader is drawn to the strong, main character Paul with his supernatural senses and ability to read minds. I couldn’t put the book down (a fast read) only to discover it was a cliff hanger–leading to a possible sequel. Can’t wait for the next one!

— Cynthia Kumanchik.

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