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The High Road

It’s a strange feeling, taking a book I’ve written and offering it for no charge.

After all my months of cramped weekends, all the times I finished a chapter and minutes later turned around to start redesigning it… and now I’m taking the result of those thousand-plus hours and throwing open the floodgates for everyone who wants to glance at it?

–Plus, all the times I remember I’ve summed something up with “It’s free, and you’ll get your money’s worth” are coming back to haunt me.

But, well… the book’s done. Written. I can’t change a word of it, not without paying editing fees every time I send a tweak to some of the services it’s available on (and that way lies bankruptcy). What The High Road needs now is to be seen.

And if writing is a strange, intense journey, sharing the work is a whole new kind of territory. One with no map, no roads, and no way to know which ad or strategy sparkling in the Used Publicity Lot can take me the distance and which will sputter out and leave me stranded half a mile out.

So, for the next three weeks, The High Road is free. But not quite free: I need—I hope—that readers will share their thoughts about it.

The system is simple. Go to and download The High Road in the format of your choice. Then start reading… and when you’re done, go to Amazon or the site of your choice to leave a review.

But please, tell me the truth, whatever comes to your mind.

  • Are Mark and Angie appealing, distinctive characters, or is this a story you’ve seen before?
  • Do the action and thrills keep you reading?
  • Who’s the first other writer to come to mind? Jim Butcher for intensity, Ilona Andrews for action, Stephen King for suspense? (And how far do I still have to go to meet those impossible standards?)

The book’s available free through April 21st, with one more week to leave reviews. Or if you grab the book and take two minutes to see it’s not for you, that tells me plenty too—it’s the same gauntlet every writer faces on the websites and bookstores. As long as you take thirty seconds to let me know.

Of course there’s a flying pun for this too:

Is this an antigravity book you can put down? #free Click To Tweet

In fact it’s two puns: your review could be putting it down as well. If it does, that’s one more thing I want to know. I have more books to write, and your impression might be the one that helps me take a closer look at something.

And… if you like what you see, I hope you’ll spread the word. Click the tweet above or tell your friends.

After all, you know they’ll get their money’s worth.

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